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Welcome to ADR Chambers. Our members are retired judges, experienced lawyers and other dispute resolution professionals dedicated to assisting the legal and business communities, both nationally and internationally, to resolve disputes in an expeditious and cost-effective manner.

We are proud to say that since 2013 our neutrals have conducted more than 23,000 mediations and received more than 25,000 arbitrations.

2014 was ADR Chambers' 20th Anniversary.  Thank you for your support.

On April 1, 2016 ADR Chambers introduced the ADRC SABS Dispute Resolution Program.  Read on for details.

ADR Chambers Featured Programs

SABS Mediation: an opportunity to resolve SABS disputes at the earliest possible stage, saving time and money. Mediation can be engaged at any stage of dispute process, including when an application for arbitration has been filed at LAT.  Mediations may be conducted by telephone or eVideo. Mediations last up to 90 minutes and the fee is $500 plus HST.  Learn more.

SABS Arbitration: a similar process used by FSCO prior to April 1, 2016.  The program includes: pre-hearings, motions, preliminary issue hearings, settlement conferences, hearing and reconsideration options. The fee is $3100 plus HST.  Learn more.

Expedited Mediation: a convenient and cost-effective approach to resolving a wide variety of disputes, especially attractive to parties with civil actions before the Superior Court, as well as other types of claims or private disputes. Mediations may be conducted by telephone or eVideo. Mediations last up to 90 minutes and the fee is $500 plus HST.  Learn more.

Roster Rate Mediation: a time-saving and cost-effective process similar to that outlined for mandatory mediation sessions in the Ontario Rules of Civil Procedure. The fees range from $600 to $825 plus HST, depending on the number of parties, and include one-half hour of preparation time for each party and up to three hours of actual mediation.  Find a Roster Rate Mediator on our panel.  Learn more.

Expedited Arbitration:  a fixed fee process designed for people who want a fast and inexpensive arbitration. Ideal for disputes involving two parties and lower amounts, there are strict time frames and limitations on the number of documents and the length of briefs. The process takes less than 90 days from the appointment of the arbitrator to the issuance of the award, includes a one-day oral hearing, and costs just $7,500 per party (including HST and room fee). In writing only and final offer selection arbitrations are also available on an expedited, fixed fee basis. Learn more.


Expedited Arbitration

ADR Chambers offers Expedited Arbitration Rules.

Expedited Arbitrations are fast and cheap, and there’s no wiggle room.

There’s a fixed fee so parties know exactly what they’re paying.  The fee is $7,500 per party for everything including the arbitrator’s fees, the room rental fees and the administration fees.

There is a fixed time frame so parties know exactly how long the arbitration will take.  Arbitrations under the Expedited Arbitration Rules are concluded in under three months from the selection of the arbitrator to the written reasons.  Often faster. read on...

To see the new Expedited Arbitration Rules please click here.

To book an Expedited Arbitration please contact us.

This process is for commercial and other disputes.


eVideo Mediation

ADR Chambers is pleased to announce the launch of eVideo mediation. 

Not everyone involved in a dispute is in the same city. The cost and time of traveling out of town for a mediation can be a real impediment to scheduling and proceeding with a mediation.  Now there’s a solution. eVideo mediations allow parties and lawyers to have a mediation in real time where people are in different cities.

Participants can see each other online, hear each other, exchange documents and jointly draft settlement agreements. All you need is a computer. We take care of the rest.  read on...

Read a Lawyers Weekly article about eVideo Mediation.


ADR Chambers Named a Top Arbitration Chamber by Canadian Lawyer

In February 2013, Canadian Lawyer Magazine conducted a survey to determine the Top 10 Arbitration Chambers in Canada.
We are proud to announce that ADR Chambers has been selected as one of the Top 10 Arbitration Chambers.
Thank you very much for your continued support of ADR Chambers.  We will endeavour to continue to do all that we can to provide you, our clients, with the highest level of ADR service.


ADR Chambers Banking Ombuds Office Approved as an External complaints Body for Banks by Government 

On Friday, June 5, the Canadian Minister of Finance, pursuant to s. 455.01(1) of the Bank Act, approved ADR Chambers Banking Ombuds Office (ADRBO) as an external complaints body for banking complaints.
ADRBO has investigated consumer disputes against banks since 2008 and currently investigates disputes about services provided by the Royal Bank of Canada, TD Bank Group and DirectCash Bank.  ADRBO has a roster of experienced banking investigators who conduct neutral and unbiased investigations about complaints against the banks, when the complaints cannot be resolved by the banks’ internal processes. ADRBO investigators interview the complainants and relevant bank employees, review the relevant documents, and produce a fair and reasoned report that may recommend compensation for a customer if the investigator is of the view that compensation is appropriate.
For further information, please contact Allan Stitt at





Featured Member


  John Cannings, B.A., LL.B., C.Med. 

John has retired from 47 years of litigation practice, acting for both plaintiffs and defendants.  He is now available to bring that experience to bear in mediation and arbitration of cases in all areas of civil litigation.  

Put his experience to work to resolve your case quickly and effectively.

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Through the Stitt Feld Handy Group, ADR Chambers offers alternative dispute resolution workshops, negotiation workshops and workshops on dealing with difficult people.  Please visit Stitt Feld Handy Group for more details.


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