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When free speech goes too far: Huberman
By Mia Clarke Freedom of speech is not absolute and the courts are likely to back the government’s decision to stop delivering a controversial Toronto publication, says Toronto litigator and commercial arbitrator Marvin Huberman. “While it’s probably correct that the government has limited this fellow’s freedom of expression, the court can determine that the infringement is reasonably [...]


Recent ruling clarifies time limits for going after unpaid HST
By Rob Lamberti Toronto litigator and commercial arbitrator Marvin Huberman says a recent sales tax ruling in one of his cases establishes time limitations for launching an action for unpaid remittances. He tells the ruling in his successful case clarified two significant points in law: under the Excise Tax Act, there are no time limitations in [...]


Q&A With Frank Zaid: Mistakes to avoid in franchising
By Frank Zaid November 6th, 2017 Q: What common mistakes do you see in franchising and how can they be avoided? A: I have been involved in franchising in many capacities for nearly 45 years, as a lawyer, a mediator, an ombudsman, an arbitrator, an expert witness, an investor and a member of franchisors’ and franchise associations’ boards [...]