Teleconference and Video-conference Mediation for Civil Matters
Through the ADR Chambers Expedited Mediation Program


Cost-effective convenience. The best ADR experience.

  • User-friendly online registration, scheduling and payment processing
  • Ninety-minute Teleconference and Video-Conference options
  • $500.00 (+HST) fixed cost with no additional or hidden fees
  • Industry-leading service from experienced and respected ADR Chambers neutrals
  • Flexibility of proceedings, with opportunities for resumptions or added time as required
  • Proven track record of resolving disputes with a high degree of client satisfaction

ADR Chambers Expedited Mediation Program is designed to be a convenient and cost-effective approach to resolving a wide variety of disputes. This program will be especially attractive to parties with civil actions before the Superior Court, as well as other types of claims or private disputes.

With a flat fee of $500.00 (+HST) and the convenience of teleconference or videoconference mediation, the ADR Chambers Expedited Mediation Program is a straightforward and practical pathway to resolving disputes.

Using our state-of-the-art online dispute resolution registration system, parties can conveniently schedule their mediation proceedings, upload mediation briefs, and pay mediation fees online.

With our ninety-minute teleconference and video-conference options, parties can have their disputes mediated by expert ADR Chambers neutrals from the convenience of their own office.

ADR Chambers is uniquely positioned to offer this customized dispute resolution service with the utmost quality due to our experience as a world leader in Alternative Dispute Resolution. With over 20 years experience in providing dispute resolution services, we are proud to say that over the past five years, ADR Chambers has administered over 25,000 mediations and over 25,000 arbitrations.

Expedited Mediation Program - Mediation Rules and Agreement to Mediate

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