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Peter Dreyer, B.A., B.Ed., C.Med.

Peter is a mediator, negotiator, trainer, and investigator with ADR Chambers. He has taught ADR courses in both the private and public sectors in Canada, the Caribbean, England, Australia and the United States with the Stitt Feld Handy Group, a division of ADR Chambers.

As a Chartered Mediator (ADR Institute of Canada designation), Peter mediates two-party and multi-party disputes in a variety of contexts including labour relations and insurance claims. He is a Roster Mediator, Ontario Mandatory Mediation Program - Toronto.

Peter has received international Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) training from Queen's University, University of Windsor Law School, York University and CDR Associates, Colorado. He received his B.A. and B.Ed. from Memorial University of Newfoundland. His professional background includes years of senior administrative management and teaching experience. As well, he was president of the mediation firm, Just Alternatives.

In his spare time, Peter is a Volunteer Probation Officer and is active in the study of Canadian history. He is co-author of "Discovering Canada", a series of texts that have been used in high schools across Canada.

Peter has held directorships with a number of national and provincial associations and is currently a Director of the ADR Institute of Ontario, a member of both the Ontario Bar Association (ADR Section) and the ADR Institute of Canada, and a founding member of the Upper Canada Dispute Resolution Association.

Peter operates out of the Toronto office of ADR Chambers.
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   Labour Relations
   Human Rights (inc Discrim.)
   Wrongful/Constructive Dismissals
   Workplace Disputes

   Personal Injury

   Landlord / Tenant

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