ADRC SABS Dispute Resolution Program


  • Alternative process to LAT to resolve SABS disputes
  • Continuity with a dispute resolution system with which the parties have familiarity
  • Costs can be determined up front
  • Flexibility and adaptability to accommodate timelines
  • Over the past 5 years, ADR Chambers has administered over 25,000 mediations and 25,000 arbitrations
  • Experienced team of SABS mediators and arbitrators



  • Opportunity to resolve disputes at the earliest possible stage, saving time and money
  • Can be engaged at any stage of dispute process, including arbitration already commenced through LAT
  • Cost of $500.00 plus HST per 90 minute mediation
  • By telephone or eVideo conference  (virtual face to face interaction)
  • Experienced team of SABS mediators
  • Comprehensive online system automates initiation, scheduling, document exchange, notices, and reports (no more endless emails)

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  • Similar process used by FSCO prior to April 1, 2016
  • Program includes: pre-hearings, motions, preliminary issue hearings, settlement conferences, hearings (up to three days), and reconsiderations
  • Arbitration program based on modified Dispute Resolution Practice Code
  • Experienced team of SABS arbitrators
  • Familiar forms for ease of use
  • Allows for greater control of timing i.e., pending tort matters
  • Base fee of $3,100.00 plus HST (up to three day hearing)
  • Ability to request additional hearing days and reconsideration rights for additional fees
  • Ability to control cost awards


To book your arbitration or for more information, please email us at or call us at 1.800.856.5154 or 416.362.8555.


Official ADRC Dispute Resolution Practice Code
(Release Date: April 16/2016)

Marked up Version of ADRC Dispute Resolution Practice Code
(Release Date: April 16/2016)
NOTE: This 'marked-up/red-lined' version is provided only for counsel's ease of reference in noting most of the modifications made from the Dispute Resolution Practice Code to the ADRC Code. Minor formatting and few other changes may not be noted in this version. The "official" ADRC Code, without such mark-ups, is on ADRC's website.

Agreement to Arbitrate and Terms of Appointment
(Release Date: March 30/2016)

Addendum to Agreement and Terms of Appointment re Arbitration
(Release Date: March 30/2016)

ADRC Dispute Resolution Services Forms

ADR Chambers Mediation Booking System 

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