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* ADR Chambers has administered over 55,000 mediations
and arbitrations over the last 15 years.

Not just the biggest—also the best.

ADR Chambers has Canada’s top mediators and arbitrators.
ADR Chambers also provides training, ombuds, and other dispute resolution services throughout Canada and internationally.

We look forward to serving you, as always. ADR Chambers is available to host scheduled in-person and video conference mediations and arbitrations.

Workplace Investigation

ADR Chambers provides third-party neutral workplace investigations. Our investigators have experience conducting investigations in both unionized and non-unionized environments.  Read on…

ADR Chambers at the top of the mediation and arbitration game

Since 2017, Canadian Lawyer Magazine has consistently rated us as one of the top ADR firms in Canada. With more than 60 mediators and arbitrators, ADR Chambers has the most expertise in Canada, spanning many specialties. Contact us to find the right neutral for your dispute.

Video conference (online) Mediation

Not everyone in a dispute needs to be in the same office. Video conference mediations allow parties and lawyers to have a mediation in real time where people are in different locations. Participants can see each other online, hear each other, exchange documents and jointly draft settlement agreements. All you need is a computer. We take care of the rest. There are no additional fees associated with this services. Hybrid options are also available. Read on…

Roster Rate Mediation

A time-saving and cost-effective process similar to that outlined for mandatory mediation sessions in the Ontario Rules of Civil Procedure. The fees range from $600 to $825 plus HST, depending on the number of parties, and include one-half hour of preparation time for each party and up to three hours of actual mediation.  For a list of the ADR Chambers roster rate mediators and for more information, please click here.

Model ADR Clauses

Click to see Model Mediation and Arbitration Clauses.

Expedited Arbitration

ADR Chambers offers fast and inexpensive Expedited Arbitration.

The fixed fee is $7,500 plus HST per party for everything including the arbitrator’s fees, the room rental fees and the administration fees. Fees are lower for In-Writing arbitrations and Final Offer Selection Arbitrations.

There is a fixed time frame so parties know exactly how long the arbitration will take. Arbitrations under the Expedited Arbitration Rules are concluded in under three months from the selection of the arbitrator to the written reasons.  Read on…

To see the new Expedited Arbitration Rules, please click here.

To book an Expedited Arbitration, please contact us.

Workplace Restoration

Forward thinking organizations are looking to workplace restoration to help head off, diffuse and resolve conflicts, leading to better morale and productivity.  We are focused on working with stakeholders to build a bespoke dispute resolution design process that is right for them. Read on…


Through the Stitt Feld Handy Group, ADR Chambers offers alternative dispute resolution workshops, negotiation workshops and workshops on dealing with difficult people. Please visit the Stitt Feld Handy Group website for more details.

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