Video conference (online) Mediation

Virtual Video Conference and Hybrid (on-site and virtual combined) options

ADR Chambers now offers online video mediations. Video conference mediations are becoming more and more popular and provide a cost-effective and environmentally friendly option for resolving disputes.

ADR Chambers assists clients to access and use its simple video conference system. There are no additional fees to use the system. Parties need not be tech savvy to use the system; they just require a computer, smartphone or tablet and a web camera.

Our hybrid proceedings offer an effortless experience between on-site and virtual parties. A $150.00 daily fee will be charged for computer, TV, and monitor set up, including troubleshooting assistance throughout the day.

Ease of Use

Video conference mediations allow participants to log into the ADR Chambers platform from anywhere in the world.  Everyone can see and hear each other online, have private caucuses in virtual private rooms, review and edit documents, and collaborate on a settlement agreement. We can accommodate a large number of parties from different locations.


ADR Chambers is committed to providing clients with secure video conferencing. ADR Chambers’ neutrals offer video mediations using many of the popular mediation video conferencing solutions.

Many clients use ZOOM for Business combined with DocuSign. ADR Chambers’ ZOOM for Business license includes the highest security settings offered by ZOOM. All meetings are assigned individual private identification numbers and meeting passwords, and only invited participants may attend the meeting.

Please contact with any questions or concerns about security protocols for online mediations.


For a free demonstration of the ADR Chambers online mediation system, please contact us.

“I found the eVideo Mediation to have been surprisingly effective. There did not seem to be any glitches. It was seamless and as if we are all together as in a traditional mediation.

The effect of eVideo was to enable us to have a cost-effective mediation where some of the participants would have otherwise had to incur significant travel time and costs. I would highly recommend the service and look forward to using it again.”

– Mark S. Shapiro, Solomon, Grosberg LLP, Toronto

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