Video conference (Zoom) Mediation

Mediations done remotely

The time and cost of traveling out of town for a mediation can be an impediment to resolving a dispute.

Not everyone in a dispute needs to be in the same office. Video conference mediations via Zoom allow parties and lawyers to have a mediation in real time where people are in different locations. Everyone can see and hear each other online, conduct private caucuses in virtual private rooms, present and share documents, and collaborate on settlement agreements. All you need is a computer, smartphone or tablet. We take care of the rest. You can watch videos on how ZOOM works on their youtube channel.

There are no additional fees associated with this service.

Video conference mediation via ZOOM is available for all ADR Chambers mediations.


Please feel free to email us at if you have any questions.

“I found the eVideo Mediation to have been surprisingly effective. There did not seem to be any glitches. It was seamless and as if we are all together as in a traditional mediation.

The effect of eVideo was to enable us to have a cost-effective mediation where some of the participants would have otherwise had to incur significant travel time and costs. I would highly recommend the service and look forward to using it again.”

– Mark S. Shapiro, Solomon, Grosberg LLP, Toronto