Neutral Evaluation Overview

Neutral Evaluation enables parties to hear an expert’s assessment of a likely trial outcome. Neutral Evaluation may involve briefs, oral presentations, and sometimes witnesses. The process can be tailored to the dispute.

To arrange a Neutral Evaluation, please contact ADR Chambers.


Neutral Evaluation fees range from $250 to $750 plus HST per hour, depending on the experience of the neutral.

Administrative Fees

In addition to the Evaluator’s fee, there is a fixed and non-refundable administrative fee of $500 plus HST for the administration of the Neutral Evaluation.

The room fee to conduct a neutral evaluation at ADR Chambers’ North York office is $750 plus HST. A hearing room and two breakout rooms are provided for this fee. Additional rooms are $500 plus HST each. Coffee, tea, cold drinks, and snacks are provided. Lunch, if requested, is billed at cost.


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