Cliff Hendler

Cliff Hendler is one of North America’s foremost commercial mediators.

Cliff has established many of the benchmarks for dispute resolution in Canada. Over the past 30 years, he has been retained in excess of 4500 matters and is regarded as an individual who is able to assist in the resolution of the most difficult and hotly debated cases.

His primary practice areas are matters relating to professional negligence/malpractice, personal injury, insurance litigation, products liability, class actions, commercial fraud, defamation, workplace disputes, and community-based conflicts. His cases have included very high profile and delicate matters that have been successfully resolved away from the public eye.

From 1990 through 2010, he was the founder and president of DRS Dispute Resolution Services LP. In 2010 he merged that firm with ADR Chambers, Canada’s largest provider of alternative dispute resolution processes and training

Along with his substantial experience in mediation, Cliff has extensive experience in mediation advocacy training. He has been an international guest lecturer/speaker at many universities, organizations and public forums across North America and Europe. He co-managed the development of a mediation advocacy program for the American Bar Association National Institute.

While co-chair of the American Bar Association, Dispute Resolution Section’s Mediation Section, Cliff helped was instrumental in launching the inaugural International Chamber of Commerce Commercial Mediation Competition in Paris, France for national and international law schools.

Cliff co-found the Canadian National Mediation Advocacy Competition and its successor, the International Mediation Advocacy Competition both of which were designed to encourage law schools throughout the world to teach students enhanced skills for representing clients in mediation.

Cliff is a Founder, Past President and Distinguished Fellow of the International Academy of Mediators, past Chair of the ABA National Institute on Advanced Mediation and Advocacy Skills Training. He is a Member of The Canadian Academy of Distinguished Neutrals, and an Affiliate Member of The National Academy of Distinguished Neutrals.

From 2012 through to present, Cliff has been named as a Who’s Who “highly recommended” and leading practitioner of commercial mediation for complex and sensitive disputes.

From 2013 through 2020, Cliff has been chair of the Youthdale Treatment Centre Foundation. Youthdale provides comprehensive, integrated mental health services to troubled children and their families.

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