Michael L. Maynard

Michael is an investigator, mediator and adjudicator with ADR Chambers.

Michael has mediated more than 2,000 private and public disputes. His areas of expertise include administrative, civil, code of conduct/disciplinary matters, contract, insurance (including personal injury and Statutory Accident Benefits matters), landlord/tenant, and workplace disputes.

Michael is the ADR Chambers Integrity Commissioner for fourteen municipalities and three public school boards. He is an experienced workplace investigator and has investigated numerous complaints involving workplace discrimination, harassment, and bullying. Michael is also a workplace restoration facilitator and works with organizations to help them rebuild and refocus following disruptive conflicts.

Michael has a background in political and public-policy matters at all three levels of government. He co-chaired a healthcare summit hosted by an Ontario MPP, co-facilitated an economic development conference organized by Northern Ontario municipalities, designed a conflict resolution process for an agency of the federal government, facilitated a public complaint resolution process for the Ontario government, and led several town-hall meetings on locally important matters in his community.

In addition to having developed and taught Alternative Dispute Resolution courses at Durham College, Michael co-founded the Campus Conflict Resolution Services, which provides a dispute resolution process for the campus community. Michael is a co-author of Choices in Approaching Conflict: Principles and Practice of Dispute Resolution,2nd ed. (Emond Publications, 2019).

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