Michael Maynard

Michael is a mediator, arbitrator and facilitator with ADR Chambers. He is also an investigator with the ADR Chambers Banking and Municipal Ombuds Offices, the ADR Chambers Integrity Commissioner Office for municipalities, and is a workplace investigator for ADR Chambers.

As a neutral, Michael has mediated more than 2,000 private and public disputes. His areas of expertise include administrative, civil, code of conduct/disciplinary, contract, insurance (including personal injury and Statutory Accident Benefits matters), landlord/tenant and workplace disputes. Michael regularly facilitates a public complaint resolution process on behalf of the Ontario government, and has been involved in several community mediation programs and pilot projects. Michael has investigated a number of workplace disputes, dealing with issues such as discrimination, harassment, bullying, conflict of interest, breach of confidentiality and codes of conduct, and policy contraventions. His approachable disposition, attentiveness, and ability to help parties identify their motivating interests have aided Michael’s clients in achieving timely and cost-effective resolutions.

Michael has facilitated a variety of meetings and workshops, from small community seminars of several stakeholders to large town-hall style meetings and summits with hundreds of attendees.  He co-chaired a multi-stakeholder healthcare summit hosted by an Ontario MPP, and co-facilitated a three-day economic development conference organized by municipalities and private firms in Northern Ontario.

Michael has a background in politics and public-policy and has consulted on organizational framework and ADR systems design. He has been an ADR instructor and course developer at Durham College, and was a co-founder of the Durham College and UOIT campus mediation service, providing a dispute resolution process for the campus community.

He is a co-author of “Choices in Approaching Conflict: Principles and Practice of Dispute Resolution, 2nd Edition” (Emond Publishing, 2019).

Michael works out of the Toronto office of ADR Chambers.