Oliver L. Martin

Oliver L. Martin is a Toronto-based mediator, facilitator, coach and workplace consultant with ADR Chambers.

Oliver began practicing mediation in 2003, helping improve and transform relationships in organizations such as municipalities. He has mediated numerous interpersonal conflicts and is listed on the Ontario Public Service vendor of record for workplace mediation and workplace restoration. He has expertise in workplace, interpersonal, community and municipal matters.

Oliver was the Director at the ADR Institute of Ontario (2015-2017), and the past Chair of the Professional Development Committee (2016-2017). He received Alternative Dispute Resolution training from the University of Windsor Faculty of Law and York University.

In addition to mediating and coaching, Oliver provides Alternative Dispute Resolution, negotiation and coaching training to organizations and the public throughout Canada, the Caribbean and the United States. He has designed and delivered numerous dispute resolution workshops for government agencies in Canada and the Caribbean. He also designed and delivered training for the initial roster of Rabbis at the Jewish Alternative Dispute Resolution Centre in Toronto.

Oliver combines his experiences mediating conflicts in communities and corporations to help parties manage conflict, resolve disputes, and communicate more effectively to achieve their goals.

Oliver operates out of the Toronto office of ADR Chambers.

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