Roy McPhail

Roy McPhail is a mediator and arbitrator with ADR Chambers.

Roy is a professional engineer (P. Eng.) with 48 years of experience in construction and construction dispute resolution serving both public and private sectors domestically and internationally.  He has been a full time neutral since 2014 and has resolved a range of complex, multi-party disputes including delay claims, scope disputes, bid irregularities, construction defects, design errors, and contract disputes. Roy conducted the first construction adjudication in Canada as a Certified Adjudicator for the Ontario Dispute Adjudication for Construction Contracts (ODACC).

Prior to 2014, Roy’s construction experience spanned the residential, commercial, industrial, institutional, mining, military, and agricultural industries. His experience involved carpentry and concrete work; surveying, soil, concrete and asphalt testing; civil, structural and mechanical designs; building of his own designs and review of builds by others; progress payment and completion certifications; and forensics and expert reports.

Roy is an industry representative of the working group to provide feedback on the adjudication model for prompt payment with the Manitoba Government, invited by the Deputy Minister of Labour.

Roy earned his B.Sc., Engineering, from the University of Alberta in 1977, (with distinction) and his P.Eng. in 1980.  He is a Chartered Arbitrator (C.Arb.), and a Certified ODACC Adjudicator. Roy completed training in Hong Kong with the Hong Kong Institute of Construction Adjudicators in 2019, and in San Francisco in 2015 and Stockholm in 2019 with the Dispute Resolution Board Foundation. He is a member of the ADR Institutes of Alberta, Manitoba and Ontario.

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