Expedited Arbitration

ADR Chambers announces the launch of the brand new Expedited Arbitration Rules.

Expedited Arbitrations are fast and cheap.  And there’s no wiggle room.

There’s a fixed fee so parties know exactly what they’re paying.  The fee is $7,500 per party for everything including the arbitrator’s fees, the room rental fees and the administration fees (including taxes).

There is a fixed time frame so parties know exactly how long the arbitration will take.  Arbitrations under the Expedited Arbitration Rules are concluded in under three months from the selection of the arbitrator to the written reasons.  Often faster.

The hearing will last only one day.  There is a set time for an opening, for cross-examination and for a summation.

Direct evidence is by affidavit only.  A maximum of two affidavits.  All evidence is admissible.

There are no preliminary motions.  There is no discovery.

The rules provide limits on number of pages for briefs, number of pages for affidavits, number of documents you can rely on and number of pages of documents.

A decision with reasons is rendered within two weeks of the day of the arbitration.

There are ways to make the process even shorter and cheaper if the parties want (e.g., in writing only arbitration or Final Offer Selection arbitration with no reasons).

The arbitrator does not have the jurisdiction to alter the rules, except on consent of all parties.

The rules will only apply if the parties agree to be governed by them, but if they do, they will participate in a fast and inexpensive process with an expert arbitrator.

Most of the ADR Chambers arbitrators have agreed to conduct arbitrations under these rules. To search for those arbitrators who have agreed to conduct Expedited Arbitrations for the fees in the Rules, please click here.

To see the full Expedited Arbitration Rules, please click here.

If you have any questions about the process or the Rules, please call Allan Stitt at 416-307-0002 or email allan@adr.ca.  To book an arbitrator for an Expedited Arbitration, please call 416-362-8555 or email adr@adrchambers.com

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