How to keep your law practice going during Covid-19

Every area of business is having difficulties during Covid-19 and the legal industry is no exception. With regular court operations and limitation periods suspended, there will be challenges in moving files along. It is critical while social distancing to move legal services online as much as possible in order to keep the legal system moving.

Online Mediation:

At ADR Chambers, online Mediation services are offered with experienced mediators. Mediations run just as they would in-person and we have a support team ready to assist parties who may have difficulties with the technology.

Online Mediation can be helpful for matters that would otherwise use Mediation or for cases where an expedient resolution would be helpful for one or both parties. By moving matters along and getting expedient results, lawyers will be able to continue to work on files as they normally would and clients will get faster resolutions. This will give all parties certainty for their matters during these uncertain times, and put them in a better position than they would be if they had to wait for court services.

Court Replacement – Arbitration:

Although court operations are suspended for the foreseeable future, many parties still want resolutions to matters decided by someone else, when they cannot be worked out between the parties.

For years, parties have been using Arbitration services as a viable alternative to attending court. In Arbitrations, you are still able to make arguments and use any process the parties and the Arbitrator can agree on. This could look as close to a full court proceeding as the parties would like.

A major benefit of Arbitrations is that they can be argued from the safety and comfort of everyone’s own home during social distancing. They allow experienced neutrals, including former judges, to make binding determinations. Arbitrations get matters resolved so that the parties can move forward and make future decisions with the knowledge of the result of their case instead of having to make decisions with their legal matter hanging in abeyance.

While the courts’ regular operations are suspended, it is important to think about how lawyers can best serve clients and continue to provide valuable services. By using online Mediation and Arbitration services, lawyers are still able to advocate for their clients in a meaningful and personal way, without having to wait for the courts to commence regular operations.

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