An Ombuds is a neutral and independent investigator.

The typical Ombuds process includes an attempt to resolve the dispute, an investigation, and recommendations if there is no resolution. As well, an Ombuds can identify systemic issues that lead to poor service or denial of people’s rights.

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ADR Chambers Municipal Ombuds Office

ADR Chambers Ombuds Office investigates complaints brought by members of the public about a decision made by a municipality for whom ADR Chambers provides Ombuds services. ADR Chambers Ombuds Office investigates complaints about municipal government actions, recommends improvements for governance, and resolves individual issues.

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ADR Chambers Banking Ombuds Office

ADR Chambers Banking Ombuds Office (ADRBO) reviews decisions of the Ombuds of Bank of Nova Scotia, DirectCash Bank, National Bank, Royal Bank of Canada (RBC), TD Bank Group, and Tangerine Inc. when customers are not satisfied with the banks’ internal process outcome.

Independent ADR Chambers investigators attempt to facilitate a consensual resolution, conduct investigations, and make non-binding recommendations.

ADRBO operates independently from the banks.

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